Sunday, 22 July 2012

organs have scared the devil out of me since i was a little guy hiding from the electric horror device i called the granola (for some reason: i guess all the letters of organ are in there somewhere, but seriously) at my sadly alzheimer's-afflicted grandmother's house. i suppose on some level i equated the unfamiliar screams from both sources. when i learned that there had been mice living in that infernal doomsday machine, it ignited a lifelong combination of fascination and terror that has never diminished.

hence, my new program the organ grinder on cjsr fm 88.5 every sunday at the witching hour, midnight till one (mountain time). i intend to explore all registers and moods of the organ, whether falling under the terrifying, fascinating or whatever umbrella it may be. the first show is tonight, and naturally there will be a great emphasis on the work of leicester's finest, the incomparable jon lord who has recently passed on to the great rig in the sky. listen live at or on the second spookiest machine ever created, the radio.

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