Thursday, 14 February 2013

playlist for february 13th (with guest co-host warren krick):

elmer gantry's velvet opera - what's the point of leaving (elmer gantry's velvet opera)
the beach boys - good vibrations (smiley smile)
donovan - land of doesn't have to be (a gift from a flower to a garden)
gandalf - me about you (gandalf)
the walker brothers - archangel (my ship is coming in)
cameron carpenter - homage to klaus kinski (revolutionary)
manfred hubler & siegfried schwab - the message (vampyros lesbos soundtrack)
chubby checker - if the sun stopped shining (checkered)
muddy waters - let's spend the night together (electric mud)
howlin' wolf - who's been talking? (the london howlin' wolf sessions)
bo diddley - funky fly (the black gladiator)
john's children - smashed blocked (smashed blocked!)
kevin ayers - song for insane times (joy of a toy)
kevin coyne - the world is full of fools (millionaires and teddy bears)

kevin ayers associate mike ratledge, perhaps the most underrated member of the sadly unsung canterbury progressive rock scene. kinda looks like jon lord here!

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