Wednesday, 11 September 2013

september 11 playlist:

the monkees - carlisle wheeling (listen to the band)
sturgill simpson - four flame candle (bastard children)
anna von hausswolff - funeral for my future children (ceremony)
moondog - sand lilly (a new sound of an old instrument)
iain quinn - two pieces, op. 111 - no. 1. intrada (tender is the north)
jimmy cliff - the harder they come (the harder they come)
al campbell - rainy days (revival selection)
dr. dog - the beach (fate)
the pointed sticks - out of luck (out of luck)
hanson brothers - i've been there (my game)
shades of joy - slowest saddest waltz (music of el topo)
melvin rhyne quartet - full house (boss organ)

if you're an organ fan who is equally fond of beautiful swedish singer-songwriters with gorgeous ethereal voices, behold: anna

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