Wednesday, 13 November 2013

november 13 playlist:

todd rundgren - black maria (something/Anything?)
reverend organdrum - a shot in the dark (hi-fi stereo)
can - bring me coffee or tea (tago mago)
fay hallam & the bongolian - freefall (lost in sound)
moonface - shit-hawk in the snow (organ music not vibraphone like i'd hoped)
cactus - bad stuff ('ot 'n' sweaty)

amish - black lace woman (amish)
clutch - gravel road (robot hive/exodus)
gene clark - silent crusade (two sides to every story)
jackie mittoo - atom sounds (champion in the arena 1976-1977)

iain quinn - knut nystedt: variasjoner over 'med jesus vil eg fara' (norwegian folk-tune from sunnmøre) opus 4: variasjon 5 - lento (tender is the north)
the night crawlers - grey matter (volume 3)


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