Wednesday, 2 April 2014

april 2 playlist:

ronnie lane - i'm just a country boy (ronnie lane's slim chance)
small faces - afterglow (ogdens' nut gone flake)
humble pie - ninety-nine pounds (thunderbox)
sopwith camel - sleazy street (the miraculous hump returns from the moon)
zombies - butcher's tale (odessey & oracle)
magnetic fields - xylophone track (69 love songs)
christian lane - percy whitlock: 5 short pieces - no. 2. folk tune (christian lane)
src - morning mood (black sheep: the best of src)
alice coltrane - morning worship (eternity)
sheryl bailey - broken glass (a meeting of minds)
the james taylor quartet - blow up (mission impossible)
ray charles - i've got news for you (genius + soul = jazz)
jerry reed - georgia on my mind (explores guitar country)

ian mclagan (l) with fellow small face steve marriott. steve's talent was such that it took both rod stewart and ron wood (when they were good!) to replace him. steve also proves with his outstanding organ performance on humble pie's ninety-nine pounds that he could give mac a run for his money as a keyboardist.

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