Wednesday, 28 May 2014

may 28 playlist:

akiko tsuruga - mushi-mushi (sweet and funky)
dave "baby" cortez - the happy organ (the happy organ)
creedence clearwater revival - sailor's lament (pendulum)
t-bone walker - poontang (good feelin')
albert collins - backstroke (the cool sound of albert collins)
joseph payne - fugue in g (johann pachelbel: complete organ works)
marcon facchin - symphonia for organ (leopold mozart: der mensch, ein gottesmorder)
pierre charial - continuum (gyorgy ligeti: mechanical music)
the lonesome organist - let me be your man (collector of cactus echo bags)
? and the mysterians - can't get enough of you baby (best of)
sir douglas quintet - mendocino (mendocino)
charley pride - even after everything she's done (the sensational charley pride)
sturgill simpson - living the dream (metamodern sounds in country music)
the deep dark woods - the banks of the leopold canal (the place i left behind)
don patterson - under the boardwalk (hip cake walk)
pierre charial, a true organ grinder, with one of his amazing barrel organs.

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