Friday, 27 June 2014

what a treat it was to have alan burant filling in on wednesday, june 25th. here at long last is his playlist!

emerson lake and palmer - toccata (brain salad surgery 2014 super sonic stereo remix)
van der graaf generator - man-erg (pawn hearts)
hugh banton - jupiter: the bringer of jollity (the planets)
daniel charzempa/concerto amsterdam - organ concerto no. 2 in b flat (handel organ concertos)
the free spirits (joey defrancesco, john mclaughlin, dennis chambers) - juju at the crossroads (tokyo live)
il balletto di bronzo - introduzione (ys)

 hugh banton of van der graaf generator fame. not only a great musician, but a celebrated organ builder in his own right!

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