Sunday, 14 September 2014

september 10 playlist:

mickey finn & the blue men - pills (jimmy page: this guitar kills)
bo diddley - i don't like you (the black gladiator)
muddy waters - i just want to make love to you (electric mud)
the tony williams lifetime - do that (turn it over (redux))
the james taylor quartet - do it (swinging london)
medeski, scofield, martin & wood - what now (out louder)
elephant stone - living for something (three poisons)
parker abbott trio - big on bloor (the wayfinders)
raymond scott's secret seven - temptation (the unexpected)
graham nicholas - roll me up (sometimes chicken, sometimes feathers)
josé feliciano - i like what you give (for my love... mother music)
florence mahon - walcha: mein leben ist ein pilgrimstand (souvenirs: scarboro united church organ)
helmut walcha - toccata, adagio and fugue in c major, bwv 564 - toccata (j.s. bach: organ works)
roy ayers - exotic dance (coffy)
it's rather unexpected to hear a hammond organ on a raymond scott recording, especially as played by the pre-jimmy smith legend wild bill davis.

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