Wednesday, 22 October 2014

october 22 playlist:

ann peebles - (you keep me) hangin' on (i can't stand the rain)
al green - school days (explores your mind)
frazey ford - september fields (indian ocean)
john holt - stealing stealing (tide is high: anthology 1962-1979)
dr. dog - die die die (we all belong)
chas & dave - what a miserable saturday night (gertcha! the emi years)
gene vincent - another saturday night (shakin' up a storm)
mountain - for yasgur's farm (climbing!)
dory previn - the talkative woman and the two star general (reflections in a mud puddle)
fela kuti - monday morning in lagos (he miss road)
yves rechsteiner - mendelssohn: song without words (liszt: orgelwerke)
brian auger & the trinity - adagio per archi e organo (befour)
jack mcduff - moanin' bench (soulful drums)
charles hodges (not to be confused with chas hodges of chas & dave infamy), along with his brothers leroy and the late teenie and the rest of the hi records rhythm section, heard to fine effect on the first three songs of today's program.

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