Friday, 30 January 2015

january 28 playlist:

clarence Reid - nobody but you babe (nobody but you babe)
willie and the bumblebees - dipstick (twin cities funk & soul)
aretha franklin - baby baby baby (i never loved a man the way i love you)
william bell - you don't miss your water (the stax story)
eddie floyd - big bird (the stax story)
king khan & the shrines - luckiest man (idle no more)
king tubby - black and white dub (the best of king tubby: king dub)
neil young & crazy horse - born in ontario (psychedelic pill)
daniel romano - poor girls of ontario (workin' for the music man)
nas - memory lane (sittin' in da park) (illmatic)
lee erwin - thief of bagdad (sound of silents: music for silent film classics)
jimmy mcgriff - i've got a woman (greatest hits)
the soft machine - a certain kind (the soft machine)
sam spades - last call (wolf)
neil young alone at the pump organ.

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