Friday, 3 April 2015

april 1 playlist, hosted wretchedly by bo hartfeil and charlie the butcher who believed that they were supposed to play songs about bodily organs:

arthur brown's kingdom come - brains (galactic zoo dossier)
ray bolger & judy garland - if i only had a brain (wizard of oz)
vincent price - cooking small boys (cooking with vincent price)
townes van zandt - lungs (townes van zandt)
16 horsepower - black lung (low estate)
william shatner - spleen (the transformed man)
clutch - spleen merchant (blast tyrant)
the arrogant worms - hot dog song (toast!)
edith north johnson - nickel's worth of liver blues no. 2 (screamin' and hollerin' the blues: the worlds of charley patton)
tiny tim - two times a day (i always brush my teeth) (reprise recordings)
daniel kahn & the painted bird - broken tongue (the broken tongue)
lee perry & the upsetters - evil tongue (apeology)
eddie "cleanhead" vinson - kidney stew (the definitive black and blue collection)
"weird al" yankovic - pancreas (straight outta lynwood)
jimmy mcgriff - i left my heart in san francisco (cherry)

no more chopped liver radio. thanks for trying, bo and chuck (ground, that is.)

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