Friday, 3 July 2015

july 1 (canada day) playlist:

garth hudson - genetic method (anew) (a canadian celebration of the band)
marnie giesbrecht - ronald hannah: five preludes for organ (1979): i (northern arch/arc du nord)
florence mahon - percy whitlock: folk tune from five short pieces (souvenirs: scarboro united church organ)
the band - get up jake (the band)
gordon lightfoot - cobwebs & dust (if you could read my mind)
daniel romano - louise (sleep beneath the willow)
steppenwolf - hodge podge strained through a leslie (the second)
doug organ trio - free man in paris (doug organ trio)
jake langley - invitation (doug's garage)
oscar peterson and roy eldridge - between the devil and the deep blue sea (oscar peterson and roy eldridge)
count basie and oscar peterson - extended blues (count at the organ)
bruce haack - saint basil (the electronic record for children)
49th parallel - the people (49th parallel)
eminent canadian organist sandy mctire

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