Friday, 17 July 2015

july 15 playlist:

alan hawkshaw - move move move (move with the times)
the bongolian - champagne and pizza (the bongolian: 100% heavy bongo vibes)
lonnie mack - farther on up the road (the wham of that memphis man!)
roy buchanan - the messiah will come again (roy buchanan)
dave bartholomew - the fat man (fats domino presents: dave bartholomew and his great big band)
fats waller - sloppy water blues (1926-27)
ivor cutler trio - deedle, deedle, i pass (ludo)
the beatles - i want you (she's so heavy) (abbey road)
philip levy & stephen mann - giovanni bonaventura viviani: sonata prima (organ and trumpet recital from corpus christi basilica, manchester)
gypsophilia - night falls and you need company (night swimming)
merry clayton - same old story (merry clayton)
scott minor & fennesz - dwan (spire: organ works past, present & future)
joseph payne - chorale variations for keyboard  ('was gott tut, das ist wohlgetan') (johann pachelbel: complete organ works)
fats waller was the king of pump organ blues before he became inextricably tied to the stride piano style.

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