Saturday, 25 July 2015

july 22 playlist (moog special with co-host warren krick):

wendy carlos - brandenburg concerto no. 3 in g major: allegro (switched on bach)
spirit - space child (twelve dreams of dr. sardonicus)
the beatles - because (abbey road)
marty gold - norwegian wood (moog plays the beatles)
annette peacock - joy (i belong to a world that's destroying itself aka revenge)
andrew kazdin & thomas z. shepard - everything you always wanted to hear on the moog (but were afraid to ask for)
sven libaek - music for eels (inner space ost)
ruth white - the litanies of satan (flowers of evil)
mort garson - plantasia (plantasia)
eden electronic ensemble - the strenuous life (plugged in joplin)
panda bear - mr. noah (panda bear meets the grim reaper)
cluster - oh odessa (curiosum)

plugged in joplin managed to simultaneously cash in on two incredibly strange trends. in the wake of the oscar-winning film the sting everyone was obsessed with ragtime piano. in the wake of switched on bach everyone was obsessed with programming classical music on moogs. so what could possibly go wrong with this lp?

what indeed.

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