Friday, 16 October 2015

october 14 playlist:

dave (barker) & ansell collins - hot sauce (double barrel)
money mark - pinto's new car (mark's keyboard repair)
o.v. wright - ace of spades (a nickel and a nail and ace of spades)
bonnie "prince" billy - i won't ask again (beware)
johnny cash - let the lower lights be burning (hymns from the heart)
billy bragg - the warmest room (talking with the taxman about poetry)
shirley scott with stanley turrentine - gravy waltz (soul shoutin')
john patton - the rock (mosaic select)
grant green - iron city (iron city)
reverend organdrum - time is tight (hi-fi stereo)
amon duul ii - pale gallery (yeti)
third ear band - the hierophant (the magus)
jimmy mcgriff and groove holmes - chopper (giants of the organ in concert)
heavy as a rock, solid as iron (or the other way around?) guitarist grant green and organ master big john patton provide masterful accompaniment for one another.

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