Friday, 23 October 2015

october 21 playlist:

manfred mann - the mighty quinn (mighty garvey)
steve cropper - boo-ga-loo down broadway (with a little help from my friends)
otis clay - trying to live my life without you (trying to live my life without you)
bob seger system - mongrel (mongrel)
the oblivians - live the life ( 9 songs with mr. quintron)
quintron - mysterious rangers (unmasked organ light-year of infinity man (fuck everybody else))
sun ra - all the things you are (church organ 1948)
alice o'connell with dizzy gillespie & his trio (featuring glenn hardman) - once in a lovetime (the dizzy gillespie story 1939-1950)
ray charles - from the heart (genius + soul = jazz)
songs: ohia - an ace unable to change (impala)
marcus davidson - organ psalm v (spire: organ works past, present & future)
jimmy smith - a subtle one (midnight special)
doug organ trio - jealous guy (doug organ trio)

fuck everybody else.

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