Friday, 18 December 2015

december 16 playlist:

johnny hammond - wild horses (wild horses rock steady)
richard hills - noel coward medley (alive to the sound of music)
the moving sidewalks - 99th floor (flash)
zz top - salt lick (chrome, smoke & bbq)
songs: ohia - this time anything finite at all (impala)
shirley scott with stanley turrentine - deep down soul (soul shoutin')
ossie hibbert & the revolutionaries - secret agent (earthquake dub)
gene clark - the true one (no other)
melvin rhyne quartet - born to be blue (boss organ)
spencer davis group - steve's groove (hammond heroes: 60s r&b organ grooves)
albert collins - sno-cone ii (the cool sounds of albert collins)
this show celebrated (among other things) the anniversary of dramatist, actor, songwriter, singer, director and genius noel coward's birth. i won't hold the following smack-talking about barrel organs against him, nor the fact that he clearly preferred pianos:

brass bands have blared it, string orchestras have swooned it. palm court quartets have murdered it, barrel organs have ground it out in london squares and swing bands have tortured it beyond recognition…and I am still very fond of it and very proud of it. (noel coward on his enduring classic i’ll see you again.)

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