Sunday, 13 December 2015

playlist avalanche!

november 25th (with guest host alex mckie):
kongress - eyes of the witness (amorphous androgynous presents: a monstrous psychedelic bubble)
patrick wedd - prelude and fugue in c minor for organ (healey willan: organ works)
the crazy world of arthur brown - prelude - nightmare (the crazy world of arthur brown)
masahiko sato - andy warhol (belladonna ost)
visitors - dies irae (visitors)
russell morris - the real thing (7")
ugly custard - babe i'm gonna leave you (ugly custard)
al stewart - valentina way (time passages)
klaatu - so said the lighthouse keeper (hope)
switches - fast car (i just wanna)

december 2nd (with guest hosts alex mckie and stefan opryshko):
switches - ma cherie (i just wanna)
cococoma - all i give (cococoma/hipshakes split 7")
le shok - tv in my eye (we are electrocution)
ali atasagun - eminem (beat a la turk)
the tidal wave - searching for love (7")
captain dax - push (dr. beezar 7")
proibitissimo - a che nosco pai (proibitissimo)
super biton national de segou - tassi doni (super biton national de segou)
mahmoud ahmed - ohoho gedama (ere mela mela)
the poppy family - where evil grows (7")
young marble giants - n.i.t.a. (colossal youth)
hugo blanco y su conjunto - domingo por la maana (14 canonazos bailables 7)
billy childish & dan melchior - bottom of the sea (devil in the flesh)
midnight crisis - till our arms fall off (pink popcorn popsicle)

december 9th (with some jerk named joe hartfeil):
hal shutz - a sampling of a few of the many interesting tones possible on this amazingly versatile organ (the hammond chord organ)
david chesworth - piece for chord organ (one stop shopping)
james leg - casa de fuego (below the belt)
alice cooper - black juju (love it to death)
junior wells - i'm a stranger (messin' with the kid, 1957-1963)
earl hooker - blues in d natural (blue guitar)
jimmy smith - messy bessie (back at the chicken shack)
dan penn - you left the water running (the fame recordings)
william bell - you don't miss your water (the stax story)
anna von hausswolff - the hope only of empty men (the miraculous)
georg krarup - bach: little prelude and fugue no. 4 in f, bwv 556 (single)
bob dylan - sign on the window (new morning)

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