Thursday, 14 April 2016

april 13 playlist:

korla pandit - turkish dance (single)
the budos band - budos rising (the budos band ii)
stackridge - the last plimsoll (the man in the bowler hat)
dolly parton - don't drop out (one kiss can lead to another: girl group sounds, lost & found)
john cale - half past france (paris 1919)
tony conrad - joan of arc (excerpt) (joan of arc)
angus maclise - organ & drum (the cloud doctrine)
the mustang - the acid test (organ freakout)
oscar brown, jr. - sing hallelujah (tells it like it is)
third eye - arthur brown medley: prelude (nightmare)/poem/fire (brother)
matthias havinga - max reger: introduction and passacaglia for organ (passacaglia)
joris verdin - sept pieces en la bemol majeur et sol diese mineur fwv 42 - 7. poco maestoso (cesar franck: complete works for harmonium)
grant green - have you ever had the blues (blues for lou)
the recently deceased tony conrad, the minimalist composer who gave us more than we ever asked for (like a 64 minute pump organ soundtrack for the 11 minute film joan of arc, for instance.) he'll be missed.

incidentally, neither bob salad nor i will be on cjsr tomorrow morning at 7. catch devon, the good machine all by his lonesome for two hours.

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