Saturday, 7 May 2016

last two new show playlists (april 27 was a rerun):

april 20:
pete brown & piblokto! - flying hero sandwich (things may come and things may go, but the art school dance goes on forever)
johnny and the hurricanes - old smokie (single)
bobby moore & the rhythm aces - searching for my love (searching for my love)
the crazy world of arthur brown - time/confusion (the crazy world of arthur brown)
jeanne demessieux - fantasia and fugue in g minor, bwv 542 (bach: played on the organ of the victoria hall, geneva)
helmut walcha - vincent lubeck: prelude and fugue in e major (organ masters before bach)
mike watt - burstedman (the secondman's last stand)
songs: ohia - almost was good enough (the magnolia electric co.)
the band - sleeping (stage fright)
clutch - land of pleasant living (robot hive/exodus)
jimmy smith - everybody loves my baby (plays fats waller)

may 4 (hosted and programmed by alex mckie):
zounds - true love (7")
elliott smith - either/or (new moon)
dna - egomaniac's kiss (no new york)
television personalities - bright sunny smiles (the painted word)
yoko ono - i have a woman inside my soul (approximately infinite universe)
velvet underground - ocean (demo version) (loaded)
lich - no hope (circle)
the essex green - primrose (everything is green)
switches - stole all my stuff (i just wanna)
michael rault - too bad so sad (the living daylights)
oaka - based off the imaginary book, war is the manifestation of the fear of death (thirty years past present)
mr. fist - primitevil (organasm)
kongress - eyes of the witness (the amorphous androgynous)
patrick wedd - epilogue (healey willan: organ works)
damn it, daltrey. i didn't say "play liszt." i said playlists!

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