Sunday, 31 July 2016

july 27 playlist:

screamin' jay hawkins - darling, please forgive me (at home with screamin' jay hawkins)
jimmy mcgriff - turn blue (blues for mister jimmy)
atsuko hashimoto - hallelujah, i love her so (...until the sun comes up)
ray charles - moanin' (genius + soul = jazz)
alice coltrane - los caballos (eternity)
larry young - trane of thought (in paris (the ortf recordings))
the tony williams lifetime - vuelta abajo (turn it over)
the band - words and numbers (song sketch) (a musical history)
the budos band - budos theme (the budos band)
hans fagius - adagio and rondo in c minor, k.v. 617: i. adagio (mozart on the organ)
bobbie gentry - ace insurance man (local gentry)
ms. alice. photo by jeff dunas.

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