Thursday, 27 October 2016

october 26 halloween special playlist (hosted by his dark worship master frankengrinder as i, joe hartfeil, remain sequestered planning a fundrive defeat of the disorganizer and his evil cronies):

diamanda galas - la treizieme revient (the thirteenth returns) (saint of the pit)
atomic rooster - death walks behind you (death walks behind you)
frank de vol - house on haunted hill (trick or treat, vol. 9)
second hand - death may be your santa claus (death may be your santa claus)
the velvet underground - the murder mystery (the velvet underground)
gene moore - cast out devils (carnival of souls ost)
angus maclise - humming in the night skull (the invasion of thunderbolt pagoda)
gene page - finding love, losing love (blacula ost)
anna von hausswolff - evocation (the miraculous)
john zorn - the fall of satan (the hermetic organ vol. 3)
pictured: lon chaney makes the same face you'll make if you don't attend the winspear centre's halloween night screening of the hunchback of notre dame at 9:30, featuring live organ music by dennis james!

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