Thursday, 17 November 2016

november 9 playlist (with guest host/programmer caitlin richards):

facio rictus et sebastian gandera - un soir…i (un soir)
federale - resurrection (music from la rayar)
einsturzende neubauten - the willy-nicky telegrams (lament)
meredith monk - under street (key)
jun konagaya - magnolia (organ)
lene lovich - freeze (flex)
abdou el omari - afrah el maghreb (عبده العماري)
pere ubu - road to utah (carnival of souls)
these immortal souls - i ate the knife (get lost (don’t lie))
crime and the city solution - keepsake (the bride ship)
dark carnival - i died 1000 times (the last great ride)

november 16 playlist:

mose allison - wild man on the loose (hello there, universe)
bill doggett - ol' mose blues (wow!)
leon russell - hummingbird (leon russell)
leonard cohen - blessed is the memory (songs of leonard cohen (bonus))
jacques brel - la lumière jaillira (integrale la boite a bonbons)
piet kee - hindemith: organ sonata no. 2 (hindemith & reger: organ works)
reginald foort - handy: st. louis blues (percussion and pedal: pipe organ in the mosque, vol. 2)
smog - butterflies drowned in wine (supper)
dan penn - don't lose your good thing (the fame recordings)
al green - look what you done for me (i'm still in love with you)
vashti bunyan - rose hip november (just another diamond day)
the deep dark woods - picture on my wall (jubilee)
sun ra and the blues project aka sensational guitars of dan and dale - batman theme (batman and robin)

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