Saturday, 27 May 2017

may 10 playlist:

the professionals - theme from the godfather (cult cargo: belize city boil up)
john patton - captain nasty (accent on the blues)
otis clay - too many hands (trying to live my life without you)
amina claudine myers - have mercy upon us (song for mother e)
roy ayers - escape (coffy)
hawkwind - the wizard blew his horn (warrior on the edge of time)
tangerine dream - journey through a burning brain (electronic meditation)
os mutantes - haleluia (a divina comedia ou ando meio desligado)
the amazing blondel - the ploughman (evensong)
michael & the messengers - romeo & juliet (nuggets: original artyfacts from the first psychedelic era 1965-1968)

may 17 playlist:

george benson - my three sons (the new boss guitar of george benson)
the hawks (the band) - robbie's blues (early years)
arijata - i walk alone (this is marijata)
hans fagius - adagio and rondo in c minor, k.v. 617: ii. rondo (mozart on the organ)
folkways - no artist (composed by oscar straus) - the march of the bulgarians (music of the carousel)
jazz gillum - the race of the jim lee and the katy adam (blues by jazz gillum singing and playing his harmonica: with arbee stidham and memphis slim)
jimmy mcgriff - the comeback (cherry)
margo guryan - the 8:17 northbound success merry go round (29 demos)
amon duul ii - yeti talks to yogi (yeti)
the forbidden five - enchanted farm (ultra-lounge vol. 11 - organs in orbit)
james luther dickinson - the judgement (dixie fried)
edison mixed quartet - god be with you till we meet again (take 2) (ucsb cylinder audio archive (online resource))

may 24 playlist:

jr and his soulettes - thing, do the creep (psychodelic sounds)
archie shepp - abstract (for losers)
bob dylan - if not for you (new morning)
fairport convention - percy's song (unhalfbricking)
brenda lee - dum dum (single)
circus clown calliope! - the stripper (circus clown calliope!)
tom waits - calliope (blood money)
fats waller - rusty pail (1926-27)
korla pandit - misirlou (odyssey)
amina claudine myers - the immortal (song for mother e)
ryuichi sakamoto - garden (async)
john zorn - the revelation of st. john (the hermetic organ vol. 3)

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