Tuesday, 25 July 2017

exciting times for this here organ grinder!

first off, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. it's also been about five years since this show began airing on cjsr, so don't think that's going to go uncelebrated, whether that's a word or not. tune in on wednesday, july 26 at 1 pm for a one hour anniversary special cavalcade presented by edmontone studio featuring guest mc dickie denver (former quarterback for the san quentin pelicans and host of who wants some cheese), celebrity guests including the late jimmy stewart, our magnificent house organist edith letourneau, resident pop culture expert gene onioncakes with a look at the worst of the organ grinder and much, much more!

as well, i'm getting married on friday, so please catch my new bride caitlin richards (of imaginary landscapes) and me broadcasting live from our honeymoon on august 2. since this will obviously be a terrible and intrusive experience, al burant of the erotic dancer's guide to fine music has been kind enough to cover my show back in edmonton on august 9. caitlin and i will once again broadcast live from flight 565 back to edmonton on august 16.

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