Sunday, 11 February 2018

this wednesday (february 14), it's the organ grinder love suite on cjsr from 1-2 pm.

february 7 playlist (in memory of mama organ grinder in the week of her birthday):

dr. john, the night tripper - mama roux (gris-gris)
florence mahon - handel: concerto in b flat major, op 4 no 2: allegro, ma non presto (souvenirs: scarboro united church organ)
abraham brun - yaaleh w'yowoh (cantorials)
mrs. miller - chim chim cher-ee (greatest hits)
shirley scott - things ain't what they used to be (roll 'em: shirley scott plays the big bands)
dallas symphony, andrew litton & wayne marshall - symphony for organ and orchestra (a copland profile)
james mcvinnie - nico muhly: fast cycles (cycles)
ray charles - moanin' (genius + soul = jazz)
john cale - half past france (paris 1919)

february 7 audio here.

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