Tuesday, 27 March 2018

so many organ groovies that i oughta be in movies. instead, i'm on the radio each wednesday 1-2, you know.
listen to cjsr fm 88.5 on march 28. listen to march 21 show here! last week's playlist below:
the syn - grounded (decca originals: the freakbeat scene)
john coltrane - leo (infinity)
amina claudine myers - i'm not afraid, refrain (song for mother e)
sir charles thompson - party time (sir charles thompson and the swing organ)
arthur wills & the cambridge cooperative band (conductor: david read) catacombae: con mortuis in lingua mortua (mussorgsky: pictures at an exhibition) (music for organ and brass)
pavel kohout - josef seger: preambulum [i] (baroque organs of slovenia)
beggars opera - passacaglia (act one)
egg - symphony no. 2 (egg)
emory cook - traditional organ grinder music for springtime: sidewalks of new york/when you and i were young maggie/billie boy/oh! marie (music boxes, carousels and old hand organs: a fairyland fantasy of music)

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