Saturday, 15 April 2017

april 12 playlist (organic landscapes with guest co-host caitlin richards from imaginary landscapes.) a passover crossover programme!:

fats waller - go down moses (the amazing mr. waller, vol. 1)
john zorn - spectral angels (the hermetic organ, vol. 3)
meredith monk - do you be? (key)
cantor joseph (yosele) kanefsky - passover service (ovesnu malcanu galee) (cantorials)
laurie anderson - plague (plague songs)
brian eno with robert wyatt - flies (plague songs)
bob dylan - day of the locusts (new morning)
annbjorg lien - den bortkomne sauen (felefeber)
can - outside my door (monster movie)
jackie mittoo - in cold blood (champion in the arena 1976-1977)
the artwoods - a taste of honey (hammond heroes: 60s r&b organ grooves)
yves rechsteiner with monique simon - mendelssohn: jerusalem, die du totest den propheten arr. liszt (liszt: orgelwerke)
this show also aired on caitlin's timeslot on april 11 at 8 pm in a slightly different form.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

march 29 playlist (earth, fire, water, air, æther and organs):

the crazy world of arthur brown - fanfare - fire poem (the crazy world of arthur brown)
the soft machine - fire engine passing with bells clanging (volume two)
brother john sellers - wade in the water (baptist shouts and gospel songs)
sea organ (morske orgulje) - sea organ music (the oddmusic gallery (
reginald foort - handel: water music: aire (the organ in symphony hall)
tim hecker - in the air i (ravedeath, 1972)
terry riley - a rainbow in curved air (a rainbow in curved air)
fats waller - stompin' the bug (1926-27)
monte maxwell - greensleeves (midnight in the caverns: luray caverns in virginia's shenandoah valley (the great stalacpipe organ))
annbjorg lien - tjonneblomen (felefeber)
the music machine - mother nature, father earth (ignition)
offenbach - ether (tabarnac)
aphrodite's child - end of the world (end of the world)

april 5 playlist:
betty davis - if i'm in luck i might get picked up (betty davis)
the artwoods - our man flint (jazz in jeans)
chicano batman - friendship (is a small boat in a storm) (freedom is free)
the pazant brothers - the chicken scratch (the brothers funk)
saltland - to allow us all to breathe (a common truth)
organisation - tone float (tone float)
rick moranis - hockey (you, me, the music and me)
ian & sylvia - when i was a cowboy (play one more)
peter case - put down the gun (the man with the blue post modern fragmented neo-traditionalist guitar)
pleasure (featuring billy elder) - poor old organ grinder (where the action is! los angeles nuggets: 1965-1968)