Monday, 17 December 2018

my brief radio hiatus ends just in time for the holidays! the organ grinder christmas special, wherein i help santa claus conduct an intensive interview of prospective north pole organist ross nicoll, airs on wednesday, december 19 at 1 pm and will pop up again at various times during cjsr's holiday loop the following week.

my wife caitlin richards also returns this week with her first new imaginary landscapes since fundrive (tuesday, december 18 at 8 pm.) that bell-themed holiday special will likewise be a part of the holiday loop.

so much Christmas spirit, you're sure to replace your regina pats toque with a crudely-drawn santa hat, much like me (pictured).

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

our little family has been on hiatus from the radio faced with a number of tasks, including putting our lives in boxes and taking them out of said boxes in a new home. both my show and imaginary landscapes, hosted by my wife caitlin richards, will finally be back on cjsr with new (christmas!) shows for the week of december 18/19.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

immense gratitude goes out to everyone who donated to my fundrive show and helped raise over $1,800. and, more importantly, several thousand more than the station's overall fundraising goal of $105,000! cjsr is nothing without its amazing donors and listeners.

i truly love having the opportunity to share my on-air self with you, and every once in a while some of your humble hosts like me need to take a little time away for personal reasons and to tend to our off-air selves. i, like my wife caitlin richards of cjsr's imaginary landscapes, will not be producing new shows for the month of november, but we are both very eager to come back refreshed and ready to make radio for you in a few weeks or so.



Tuesday, 30 October 2018

the organ grinder fundrive edition fittingly falls on halloween day from 1-2 pm on cjsr fm 88.5! with that comes an array of tricks and treats including a live organ performance from ben disaster plus guest appearances by the likes of caitlin richards (organa, queen of the keys) and annalisa valentina hartfeil-richards (as the organ grinder's monkey!).

as well, beyond the extraordinary cjsr swag adorned with artwork by raymond biesinger illustration inc., it is a pleasure to offer several prizes to a handful of lucky draw-winning donors. these include an original painting by warren krick, a pair of tickets to winspear centre and sherbrooke liquor's halloween presentation of lon chaney in the phantom of the opera (featuring accompaniment by organist dennis james) and a cinema six pack courtesy of metro cinema!

as a reminder of the fact that every donation is exceedingly important in helping the station reach its fundraising goal of $105,000, organ grinder pins (made possible by krick and print machine) will be given to every single donor on my show, whether they donate $1 or $10,000.

if you'd like to donate to my show, you can contact me on facebook or at prior to showtime. You may also fill out the donation form on or call in during my show at 780-492-2577 ext. 0.

happy grinding!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

inspiration struck me to program an hour of music with a high organic content, for which i must thank the patroness of musicians, st. cecilia. hear the fruits of said inspiration each wednesday from 1-2 pm on cjsr fm 88.5.
image: st. cecilia playing the organ by carlo dolci, 1670

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

this week marks 6 years of this radio program as well as your humble host's 32nd birthday and 1st wedding anniversary. that means (organ) stops at some very exciting locales: a persian market, tiki gardens, the earth's satellite and timothy leary's mind.

turn on (your radio), tune in (to cjsr from 1-2 PM) and drop out (of whatever other crap you're doing.)

photograph: an organ grinder and his monkey amusing the children in the courtyard, by willy romer, 1925.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

wednesday, july 18 on cjsr from 1-2 pm you'll hear plenty of voxes, both humana and organica. the screamin' jay hawkins birthday special i hear voices will feature music profane, sacred, soulful and unbridled, in a manner benefiting the champion boxer/opera singer/blues pianist whose voice almost matched the colour and character of an organ.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Three-part special show now available for streaming

this (fairly) new dad is finally starting to catch up on old playlists and posting audio from shows that aired (fairly) recently. starting now with the three volumes of a miniseries entitled imaginary grinders present: soothing sounds for mom, dad and baby, which originally aired on both my timeslot and that of my wife, caitlin richards! caitlin hosts a great show on cjsr called imaginary landscapes every tuesday night at 8. these shows, produced before our daughter annalisa was born, consist of caitlin's dream readings along with a great musician whose works our baby was already intimately familiar with by the time she joined our realm. Audio here for volumes 1, 2 and 3.

raymond scott - siberian sleighride (reckless nights and turkish twilights)
raymond scott - ripples effects (three willow park: electronic music from inner space 1961-1971)
raymond scott - lullaby (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 1)
raymond scott - and the dish ran away with the spoon (the secret 7: the unexpected)
raymond scott - in the hall of the mountain queen (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - sleepy time (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 1)
raymond scott - question mark (ectoplasm)
raymond scott - tired teddy bear (raymond scott and his orchestra)
raymond scott - jackrabbit (raymond scott and his orchestra)
raymond scott - the music box (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 1)
raymond scott - cindy electronium (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - domino (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - nursery rhyme (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 1)
raymond scott - b.c. 1675 (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - tic toc (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 1)
raymond scott - the lark leaped in (the uncollected raymond scott and his orchestra, vol. 2 - 1944)

raymond scott - dedicatory piece to the crew and passengers of the first experimental rocket express to the moon (ectoplasm)
raymond scott - tempo block (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 2)
raymond scott - lady gaylord (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - the girl with the light blue hair (microphone music)
raymond scott - street corner in paris (ectoplasm)
raymond scott - bandito the bongo artist (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - the happy whistler (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 2)
raymond scott - twilight in turkey (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - the bass-line generator (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - shoo-shoo baby (the uncollected raymond scott and his orchestra, vol. 2 - 1944)
raymond scott - in a 21st century drawing room (three willow park: electronic music from inner space 1961-1971)
raymond scott - toy typewriter (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 2)
raymond scott - paper doll (the uncollected raymond scott and his orchestra, vol. 2 - 1944)
raymond scott - the toy trumpet (reckless nights and turkish twilights)
raymond scott - snake woman (ectoplasm)
raymond scott - the penguin (reckless nights and turkish twilights)

raymond scott - the wild piece (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - electronium movie score (three willow park: electronic music from inner space 1961-1971)
raymond scott - tin soldier (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 3)
raymond scott - good listening (intro) (ectoplasm)
raymond scott - space mystery (montage) (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - little miss echo (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 3)
raymond scott - county fair (instrumental) (manhattan research inc.)
raymond scott - boy scout in switzerland (reckless nights and turkish twilights)
raymond scott - the playful drummer (soothing sounds for baby, vol. 3)
raymond scott - backwards overload (manhattan research inc.)

to come soon: a post consisting of the audio and playlists by some of cjsr's best and brightest, who covered my show while I took a brief paternity leave from the radio.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

forecast for june 13 between 1 and 2 pm: expect a torrential downpour of pipes and pedals. more details on cjsr.

Monday, 4 June 2018

caitlin richards and i made a beautiful baby together, and we also love creating radio shows as a team!
you may have noticed that i haven't been on the air as much as usual lately, and that's certainly been the case for caitlin as well. we thought it would be fitting to make our returns to the airwaves together with a special collaborative program entitled imaginary organists: at home with the baby vampire bat. you can hear it on june 5 at 8 pm and again on june 6 at 1 pm on cjsr fm 88.5.

from now on, just like the good old days, you can catch new editions of caitlin's imaginary landscapes each tuesday evening, and my show every wednesday afternoon.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Soothing Sounds to Salve the Soul

as you may or may not be aware, i'm married to the wonderful caitlin richards, host of cjsr fm 88.5's imaginary landscapes. we have a baby on the way, due toward the end of this month. one thing we've been greatly enjoying together during this pregnancy is the keyboard (not necessarily organ)-heavy music of raymond scott, particularly the soothing sounds for baby series. caitlin has also been having some lovely pregnancy-inspired dreams.
we thought we'd like to share with you a miniseries of programs in which caitlin would share some of these dreams amidst scott's music and air them on our respective timeslots for the next three weeks. please enjoy soothing sounds for mom, dad and baby (presented by imaginary landscapes and the organ grinder) for the next little while on tuesday evenings at 8 and wednesday afternoons at 1. last week's organ grinder audio (playlist below) is now available for listening!

ringo starr - nashville jam (beaucoups of blues)
girma beyene - set alamenem (ethiopiques, vol. 8: swinging addis 1968 - 1974)
david kusevitsky - schehecheyonu (holiday) (cantorials)
charles williams - iron jaws (stickball)
alice clark - hard hard promises (alice clark)
jane watts - sigfrid karg-elert: passacaglia and fugue on b.a.c.h. op. 150 (great european organs no. 7: westminster abbey)
brinsley schwarz - the slow one (despite it all)
otis clay - home is where the heart is (trying to live my life without you)
tindersticks - the walt blues (tindersticks)
the soft machine - hibou, anemone and bear (volume two)

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

so many organ groovies that i oughta be in movies. instead, i'm on the radio each wednesday 1-2, you know.
listen to cjsr fm 88.5 on march 28. listen to march 21 show here! last week's playlist below:
the syn - grounded (decca originals: the freakbeat scene)
john coltrane - leo (infinity)
amina claudine myers - i'm not afraid, refrain (song for mother e)
sir charles thompson - party time (sir charles thompson and the swing organ)
arthur wills & the cambridge cooperative band (conductor: david read) catacombae: con mortuis in lingua mortua (mussorgsky: pictures at an exhibition) (music for organ and brass)
pavel kohout - josef seger: preambulum [i] (baroque organs of slovenia)
beggars opera - passacaglia (act one)
egg - symphony no. 2 (egg)
emory cook - traditional organ grinder music for springtime: sidewalks of new york/when you and i were young maggie/billie boy/oh! marie (music boxes, carousels and old hand organs: a fairyland fantasy of music)

Saturday, 17 March 2018

march 14 playlist:

monks - monk time (black monk time)
the turtles - buzzsaw (the turtles present the battle of the bands)
booker t & the mg's - soul dressing (soul dressing)
georges montalba - alexander borodin: polovtsian dances (fantasy in pipe organ and percussion)
reginald foort - nightmare in the mosque: a potpourri (percussion and pedal: pipe organ in the mosque, vol. 2)
dave pike - devilette (jazz for the jet set)
craig cramer - concerto del sigr. telemann in c minor, lv 136: adagio (johann gottfried walther: organ works vol. 1)
liuwe tamminga - peeter cornet: salve regina in d minor: ad te clamams/eia ergo/o clemens/pro fine (organ recital)
jimmy mcgriff - canadian sunset (groove grease)
al brown - the whip part 1 (the sound of funk: serious 70s heavyweight rarities one)
trudy pitts - matchmaker (introducing the fabulous trudy pitts)
rolf uusvali - johann christian heinrich rinck: prelude and fugue in d minor (from praktische orgelschule) (eesti orelid no. 14)

full show now available for your listening pleasure!
more pleasure can be derived from listening to cjsr on march 21 from 1-2.

Monday, 5 March 2018

listen to the latest show here!

february 28 playlist (dedicated to doug organ and edmontone studio):

ten years after - as the sun still burns away (ten years after)
deep purple - fault line (deep purple)
doug organ trio - the price is right (doug organ trio)
joe corney - moon over beatland (the joe corney multi-organ sound)
steppenwolf - tighten up your wig (the second)
aphrodite's child - altamont (666)
garth hudson - genetic method (anew) (a canadian celebration of the band)
rhoda scott - come bach to me (come bach to me)
herbie hancock - bring down the birds (blow up soundtrack)
jack mcduff and joey defrancesco - yesterdays (it's about time)
the budos band - t.i.b.w.f. (the budos band)
larry goldings - ev'ry time we say goodbye (the intimacy of the blues)
led zeppelin - led zeppelin (ii)
booker t. & the mg's - l.a. jazz song (melting pot)
doug plays the non-organ
please note, there will be no new show on march 7. instead, from 1-2 pm on cjsr, we'll hear a re-braodcast of the homelessness marathon segment i worked on. the grinding will resume next week, although said grinding will no longer be presented by edmontone as doug enters his next chapter.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

doug organ and his wonderful edmontone studio have been the best show sponsors i could have asked for over the last several years. as doug prepares for his next adventures, wednesday, february 28 will be the last edition of this show to be presented by edmontone. don't stop wearing the shirt, doug!

listen to cjsr from 1-2 pm for a salute to the studio and man who have inspired me to try to produce a show worthy of our association!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

the latest show is now online, so pipe it in your ears!

february 21 playlist (with guests marnie giesbrecht and joachim segger of duo majoya):

isabelle demers - introduction and passacaille on a theme by raymond daveluy, op. 44 (rachel laurin: œuvres pour orgue)
duo majoya - charles stolte: o sacred head (organ duets on the davis concert organ)
duo majoya - jacobus kloppers: dance suite for organ duet - 1. waltz (organ duets on the davis concert)
duo majoya - gustav merkel: sonata in d minor - 1. allegro moderato (organ duets on the davis concert)
duo majoya - gustav merkel: sonata in d minor - 2. adagio (organ duets on the davis concert)
duo majoya - gustav merkel: sonata in d minor - 3. allegro con fuoco; fuga (organ duets on the davis concert)
duo majoya - joe utterback: a quiet meditation (skyscape)
christine brewer & paul jacobs - hugo wolf: mörike-lieder: no. 28, gebet (arr. hugo wolf: mörike-lieder: no. 28, gebet (arr. max reger for soprano & organ) (divine redeemer)
duo majoya - denis bedard: duet suite for organ & piano - iv. romance (skyscape)

duo majoya will be performing tomorrow at 11 am mst/1 pm et (friday, february 23) as part of the inauguration week for the new organ at trinity church wall street in new york. it will stream live as well!

Monday, 19 February 2018

on wednesday, february 21 on cjsr, my guests marnie giesbrecht and joachim segger (duo majoya) talk to me about a variety of subjects including their work with rcco edmonton (royal canadian college of organists) and an upcoming performance in new york, which will be available for streaming online.
listen to february 14 (organ grinder love suite) playlist here:

emitt rhodes - mother earth (the american dream)
aine o'dwyer - hymnals of love against the grain (music for church cleaners vol i & ii)
jean guillou - jeux d'orgue: hautbois d'amour (organ encores)
alice coltrane - a love supreme (world galaxy)
johann johannsson - the drowned world (orphee)
shirley collins & dolly collins - a song-story (anthems in eden)
z'ev - if only that love lets letting happen (organ music for organs) (spire: organ works past, present & future)
naomi barfield - egyptian love song (the old pump organ)


Sunday, 11 February 2018

this wednesday (february 14), it's the organ grinder love suite on cjsr from 1-2 pm.

february 7 playlist (in memory of mama organ grinder in the week of her birthday):

dr. john, the night tripper - mama roux (gris-gris)
florence mahon - handel: concerto in b flat major, op 4 no 2: allegro, ma non presto (souvenirs: scarboro united church organ)
abraham brun - yaaleh w'yowoh (cantorials)
mrs. miller - chim chim cher-ee (greatest hits)
shirley scott - things ain't what they used to be (roll 'em: shirley scott plays the big bands)
dallas symphony, andrew litton & wayne marshall - symphony for organ and orchestra (a copland profile)
james mcvinnie - nico muhly: fast cycles (cycles)
ray charles - moanin' (genius + soul = jazz)
john cale - half past france (paris 1919)

february 7 audio here.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

the latest broadcast, featuring guest isabelle demers (who will be performing at winspear centre on february 4 at 3 pm) can be heard here!
january 31 playlist:

isabelle demers - etude heroique, op. 38 (rachel laurin: oeuvres pour orgue)
isabelle demers - ein' feste burg ist unser gott, op. 27 (the chorale fantasias of max reger)
ben van oosten - symphonie no. 2 op. 20 i. allegro (louis vierne: complete organ symphonies)
christine brewer & paul jacobs - stolzel: diomedes - bist du bei bir (arr. bach) (divine redeemer)
michael tilson thomas & ralph grierson with roger kellaway, steve reich & tom raney - reich: four organs (cage: three dances/reich: four organs)

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

gather 'round for pipin' hot playlists, four months old!

(image by norman rockwell)
indulge me as i share my previously unposted playlists dating back to september of last year all the way to today's show.

september 6, 2017 (with guest host al burant):

mahogany frog - expo 67 (senna)
can - mushroom (tago mago)
david sylvian with jon hassell, steve jansen & holger czukay - incantation (words with the shaman)
can - future days (future days)
yes - everydays (time and a word)
rick wakeman - jane seymour (the six wives of henry viii)
utopia - love is the answer (oops! wrong planet)
steve reich - music for mallet instruments, voices and organ (excerpt) (drumming/music for mallet instruments, voices and organ/six pianos)
steely dan - do it again (can't buy a thrill)
pazzport - new shadow (pazzport)

september 13, 2017 (harpsichord special with guest co-host warren krick):

love - the red telephone (forever changes)
sagittarius - song to the magic frog (present tense)
the millenium - prelude (begin)
alessandro alessandroni - giovane flirt (alessandro alessandroni)
ennio morricone - la lucertola (lizard in a woman's skin)
stelvio cipriani - la polizia sta a guardare (amer ost)
the three o'clock - and so we run (sixteen tambourines)
billy nicholls - life is short (would you believe)
the left banke - walk away renee (walk away renee/pretty ballerina)
the kinks - two sisters (something else by the kinks)
the rolling stones - yesterday's papers (between the buttons)
e. power biggs - maple leaf rag (plays scott joplin on the pedal harpsichord)
the beach boys - wonderful (smile)
ksiezyc - historyjka (ksiezyc)
joanna newsom – peach plum pear (the milk-eyed mender)
nick drake - fly (bryter layter)

september 20, 2017 (rebroadcast of sounds of folkways crossover program from november 11, 2015)

september 27, 2017 (holger czukay/jaki liebezeit tribute and imaginary landscapes crossover show, a live broadcast from the can factory in germany through tin can telephone conversation between joe hartfeil and caitlin richards):

can - spoon (ege bamyasi)
holger czukay - on the way to the peak of normal (on the way to the peak of normal)
can - peking o (tago mago)
czukay, wobble & liebezeit - twilight world (full circle)
holger czukay - cool in the pool (movies)
holger czukay - traum mal wieder (der osten ist rot)
can - spray (future days)
can - half past one (landed)

october 4, 2017:

tom petty & the heartbreakers - here comes my girl (damn the torpedoes)
mudcrutch - june apple (mudcrutch)
the john henrys - piece of mind (white linen)
slow leaves - love and honesty and kindness (enough about me)
the deep dark woods - fallen leaves (yarrow)
alvvays - saved by a waif (antisocialites)
datetenryu - abuku no aji (1971)
nina simone - the house of the rising sun (nina simone sings the blues)
betty davis - game is my middle name (betty davis)
booker t. & the mgs - kinda easy like (melting pot)
james brown - i never loved a man the way i love you (plays the real thing)
al melgard - jolly coppersmith (at the chicago stadium organ)

october 11, 2017:

tom parrott - they ask me why i wander (many windowed night)
wes montgomery - moanin' (portrait of Wes)
sophia kennedy - foam (sophia kennedy)
joseph nolan - franz liszt: fantasie und fuge uber den chorale - fantasia (moderato - allegro - tempo giuste - vivace) (the organ of saint sulpice, paris)
dennis james - at the jazz band ball (dtoc command performances: for members only volume two)
mahogany frog - flossing with buddha (senna)
tindersticks - marbles (tindersticks)
amon duul ii - yeti (yeti)

october 18, 2017 (for the late, great grady tate):

lou donaldson - rough house blues (rough house blues)
shirley scott - stompin' at the savoy (roll 'em: shirley scott plays the big bands)
akiko tsuruga - kiko (harlem dreams)
jimmy smith - (i can't get no) satisfaction (got my mojo workin')
jimmy mcgriff - think (the worm)
kai winding with the prevailing winds - half a crown (rainy day)
grady tate - the windmills of your mind (windmills of my mind)
dave pike - sunny (jazz for the jet set)
jack mcduff - the city bump (the fourth dimension)
eric kloss - gemini (love and all that jazz)
leon spencer - give me your love (where i'm coming from)
johnny hodges & wild bill davis - joe's blues (joe's blues)

october 25, 2017 (dennis james interview special):

philip glass - mad rush for organ (analog)
helmut walcha - toccata and fugue in d minor, bwv 565 (j.s. bach: organ works)
vincent warnier - samille saint-saens: danse macabre (transcription pour orgue da edwin lemare) (concerts au grande orgue de saint etienne du mont, paris)
pdq bach with dennis james - little pickle book for theater organ and dill piccolos (the short-tempered clavier and other dysfunctional works for keyboard)

november 1, 2017 (fundrive special):

ten years after - adventures of a young organ (ten years after)
the kinks - everybody's a star (starmaker) (soap opera)
anna von hausswolff - funeral for my future children (ceremony)
spinal tap - gimme some money (this is spinal tap)
dick hyman and mary mayo - moon gas (moon gas)
cherry wainer - money (single)
floyd cramer - lullaby of birdland (gets organ-ized)
quintron - slumber party (unmasked organ light-year of infinity man)
lyres - don't give it up now (on fyre)
zoot money's big roll band - walking the dog (decca originals: the mod scene)
bj nilsen - zephyr (spire: organ works past, present and future)

november 8, 2017:

bo diddley - do the robot (the london sessions)
amina claudine myers - 3/4s of 4/4 (song for mother e)
ike quebec - heavy soul (heavy soul)
dj shadow - organ donor [extended overhaul] (endtroducing...)
van der graaf generator - white hammer (the least we can do is wave to each other)
leonard cohen - a bunch of lonesome heroes (songs from a room)
link wray & the raymen - hidden charms (early recordings)
malcolm hicks, bryden thomson & london philharmonic orchestra - christmas eve (arnold bax: symphony no. 1/christmas eve)

november 15, 2017 (rebroadcast of caitlin richards's fill-in from november 9, 2016)

november 22, 2017 (all-canadian special):

saltland - light of mercy (a common truth)
slow leaves - enough about me (enough about me)
the deep dark woods - drifting on a summer's night (yarrow)
le plaisir - future's done (le plaisir)
checkerlads - you just can't hide (nightmares from the underworld vol. 1)
jack london & the sparrows - if you don't want my love (jack london & the sparrows)
painted ship - frustration (single)
49th parallel - (the) magician (49th parallel)
george cacioppo - holy ghost vacuum or america faints (advance of the fungi etc.)
gord downie - nancy (introduce yerself)

november 29, 2017:

the rascals - come on up (the ultimate rascals)
milt buckner - take the a train (rockin' with milt)
songs: ohia - being in love (the lioness)
le plaisir - never gonna cry again (le plaisir)
egg - a visit to newport hospital (the polite force)
trikolon - trumpet for example (cluster)
reginald dixon - the toy trumpet (reg at the tower)
riccardo chailly, gabriele mugnai, roberto de thierry & coro di milano giuseppe verdi - requiem (puccini discoveries)
alice clark - i keep it hid (alice clark)
clarence wheeler & the enforcers - hey jude (doin' what we wanna)

december 6, 2017:

jobriath - world without end (jobriath)
floyd cramer - a string of pearls (gets organ-ized)
larry young - discotheque (in paris (the ortf recordings))
dave brubeck - knives (two generations of brubeck)
florence mahon - franz schubert: litany (all souls' day) (souvenirs: scarboro united church organ)
ruth copeland - the silent boatman (self portrait)
j.c. akins - i love you (boddie recording company: cleveland, ohio)
rev rl hubbard - child of the king (boddie recording company: cleveland, ohio)
the golliwogs - brown-eyed girl (pre-creedence clearwater revival)
dave clark five - because (the hits)
kevin bowyer - henryk gorecki: kantata (the music for organ (nimbus - bowyer))

december 13, 2017:

jim ford - wonder what they'll do with today (the unissued capitol album)
sir julian - a man and a woman (ultra-lounge vol. 11: organs in orbit)
john patton - b men thel (minor swing)
jamie saft - der judenstein (the jewery stone) (black shabbis)
john zorn - litany vi (six litanies for heliogabalus)
john cale - the jeweller (slow dazzle)
sigtryggur berg sigmarsson - details of a new discovery (spire: organ works past, present & future)
mushroom - the liathdan (early one morning)
fats waller - the digah's stomp (1927-29)
esquivel! - music makers (space-age bachelor pad music)
alice clark - don't wonder why (alice clark)
nick lowe - what lack of love has done (dig my mood)

december 20, 2017 (christmas special):

the sonics - don't believe in christmas (here are the sonics)
second hand - death may be your santa claus (death may be your santa claus)
michael cheshire (reginald foort) - adams: bells of st. mary's (pipe organ in the mosque)
rotary connection - amen (rotary connection)
eddie layton at the hammond organ - away in a manger/silent night (organ music for christmas with chimes and brass choir)
jean guillou - improvisation on the theme greensleeves (organ encores)
james garratt - weihnachten op. 145 no. 3 (max reger: orgelstucke op. 145)
moondog - elf dance (a new sound of an old instrument)
iain quinn - knut nystedt: variations on med jesus vil eg fara, op. 4 (tender is the north)
helmut walcha - orgelbuchlein: vom himmel, hoch da komm' ich her bwv 606 (j.s. bach: organ works)
the beach boys - a day in the life of a tree (surf's up)
trudy pitts - it was a very good year (introducing the fabulous trudy pitts)
hanna-barbera organ & chimes - joy to the world (merry christmas)

december 27, 2017 (rebroadcast of hermann nitsch special from january 18, 2017)

january 3 , 2018:

groove holmes - night glider (night glider)
bar-kays - knucklehead (soul finger)
bobby womack & peace - do it right (across 110th street)
p.j. proby - won't be long (three week hero)
van dyke parks - donovan's colours (song cycle)
steve stills & al kooper - season of the witch (super session)
ray cathode - time beat (single)
caetano veloso - miserere nobis (tropicalia: ou panis et circencis)
shirley scott - sophisticated Swing (roll 'em: shirley scott plays the big bands)
sarah leonard & christopher bowers-broadbent - gavin bryars: the black river (o domina nostra)

january 10, 2018 (guest hosted by my identical twin john hartfeil, the man in the movie projector, who happens to speak only in rhyme):

florence mahon - george frideric handel: concerto in b-flat major, opus 4 number 2: adagio e staccato (souvenirs: scarboro united church organ)
van der graaf generator - a plague of lighthouse keepers (pawn hearts)
saltland - forward eyes i (a common truth)
rachel laurin - sonata for organ and horn (music by rachel laurin)
tim hecker - in the fog ii (ravedeath, 1972)

january 17, 2018:

the falcons - i'm popeye the sailor man (popeye)
dupree - kc (nuestro camino)
annexus quam - osmose ii (jazzkraut: teutonal jazz rock excursions)
shirley collins & dolly collins - god dog (anthems in eden)
alan stivell - maro ma mestrez (chemins de terre)
naomi barfield - side glance of you (the old pump organ)
ryuichi sakamoto - andata (async)
johnny bower - honky the christmas goose (single)
memphis slim - the blue memphis suite (blue memphis)
harmonettes - can't go halfway (cult cargo: belize city boil up)
dick leibert - let's go fly a kite (at the radio city music hall organ)
georges montalba - nikolai rimsky-korsakov: theme from scheherazade (fantasy in pipe organ and percussion)

january 24, 2018 (rabbie burns special and imaginary landscapes crossover with guest co-host caitlin richards):

allen ginsberg - voice of the bard (holy soul jelly roll vol. 3: ah!)
the jim mullen organ trio - ae fond kiss (make believe)
the deep dark woods - the winter hours (winter hours)
incredible string band - the water song (the hangman's beautiful daughter)
shay torrent - flying fiddles (ultra-lounge vol. 11: organs in orbit)
heron - minstrel and a king (upon reflection: the dawn anthology)
pete brown & piblokto! - highland song (thousands on a raft)
alice coltrane - morning worship (eternity)
aine o'dwyer - the little lord of misrule (music for church cleaners, vol. 1)
nikki sudden - the angels are calling (the bible belt)