Saturday, 25 July 2015

july 22 playlist (moog special with co-host warren krick):

wendy carlos - brandenburg concerto no. 3 in g major: allegro (switched on bach)
spirit - space child (twelve dreams of dr. sardonicus)
the beatles - because (abbey road)
marty gold - norwegian wood (moog plays the beatles)
annette peacock - joy (i belong to a world that's destroying itself aka revenge)
andrew kazdin & thomas z. shepard - everything you always wanted to hear on the moog (but were afraid to ask for)
sven libaek - music for eels (inner space ost)
ruth white - the litanies of satan (flowers of evil)
mort garson - plantasia (plantasia)
eden electronic ensemble - the strenuous life (plugged in joplin)
panda bear - mr. noah (panda bear meets the grim reaper)
cluster - oh odessa (curiosum)

plugged in joplin managed to simultaneously cash in on two incredibly strange trends. in the wake of the oscar-winning film the sting everyone was obsessed with ragtime piano. in the wake of switched on bach everyone was obsessed with programming classical music on moogs. so what could possibly go wrong with this lp?

what indeed.

Friday, 17 July 2015

july 15 playlist:

alan hawkshaw - move move move (move with the times)
the bongolian - champagne and pizza (the bongolian: 100% heavy bongo vibes)
lonnie mack - farther on up the road (the wham of that memphis man!)
roy buchanan - the messiah will come again (roy buchanan)
dave bartholomew - the fat man (fats domino presents: dave bartholomew and his great big band)
fats waller - sloppy water blues (1926-27)
ivor cutler trio - deedle, deedle, i pass (ludo)
the beatles - i want you (she's so heavy) (abbey road)
philip levy & stephen mann - giovanni bonaventura viviani: sonata prima (organ and trumpet recital from corpus christi basilica, manchester)
gypsophilia - night falls and you need company (night swimming)
merry clayton - same old story (merry clayton)
scott minor & fennesz - dwan (spire: organ works past, present & future)
joseph payne - chorale variations for keyboard  ('was gott tut, das ist wohlgetan') (johann pachelbel: complete organ works)
fats waller was the king of pump organ blues before he became inextricably tied to the stride piano style.

Friday, 10 July 2015

july 8 playlist (six degrees of separation/kevin bacon birthday special):

nick drake - northern sky (bryter layter)
nico - the end (june 1, 1974)
billy bragg & wilco - meanest man (mermaid avenue, vol. 2)
pj harvey - the dancer (to bring you my love)
stackridge - no one's more important than the earth worm (extravaganza)
louis jordan and his tympany five - it's a great, great pleasure (1950-1951)
shuggie otis - ice cold daydream (freedom flight)
clarence reid - nobody but you babe (dancing with nobody but you babe)
betty wright - he's bad, bad, bad (my first time around)
the band - bacon fat (early years (as the hawks))
jimmy smith - joy (black smith)
werner jacob - prelude & fugue in a minor, bwv 543 (bach: toccatas & fugues)
(nick drake) - 1) john cale appeared with nico on the june 1, 1974 album - (nico) - 1) nico performs on the june 1, 1974 album alongside kevin ayers 2) ayers's album whatevershebringswesing features arrangements by the fabulous composer david bedford 3) bedford also did arrangements on billy bragg's album the internationale - (billy bragg & wilco) - 1) natalie merchant sings on their joint album mermaid avenue, vol. 2 2) merchant also appears on adam ant's tony visconti-produced album vive le rock 3) tony mixed iggy pop's living on the edge of the night single 4) iggy appeared with mick harvey on the jeffrey lee pierce tribute album axels & sockets 5) mick harvey plays organ with pj harvey (no relation) on her to bring you my love, though she herself performs the organ part on the song we heard on the show. - (pj harvey) - 1) pj's album rid of me was produced by steve albini 2) steve also worked on cheap trick's unjustly un-maligned rockford album 3) cheap trick's all shook up was engineered by beatles associate geoff emerick 4) geoff also engineered stackridge's wonderful extravaganza lp - (stackridge) - 1) stackridge's equally stupendous man in the bowler hat lp was produced by the peerless george martin 2) george produced judy garland, some of their collaborations showing up on the london studio recordings compilation 3) judy appeared in the wizard of oz with charley grapewin 4) charley showed up in the all-star film follow the boys, as did legendary bandleader louis jordan - (louis jordan and his tympany five) - 1) shuggie otis (and his father johnny otis) played on louis's album great rhythm and blues - (shuggie otis) - 1) shuggie recorded a joint album with al kooper entitled kooper session 2) kooper played organ on butterfield blues band's in my own dream alongside saxman david sanborn 3) sanborn plays on billy joel's an innocent man lp, as does guitarist david brian brown 4) brown performs on clarence reid's pre-blowfly album dancing with nobody but you babe - (clarence reid) - 1) clarence played piano on fellow miami soul legend betty wright's debut album my first time around, also writing or co-writing several of the songs - (betty wright) - 1) betty sang on bill wyman's stupid solo album monkey grip, also featuring acclaimed saxophonist van morrison 2) notorious drunkard van morrison duetted with noted boozehound richard manuel on 4% pantomime, from the band's cahoots album - (the band) - 1) garth hudson, the band/hawks organ wiz, plays on ringo starr's guest-heavy, innovation-light ringo album alongside fellow keyboard genius james booker 2) james plays piano on king curtis's everybody's talking with yet another absolute organ champ, jimmy smith - (jimmy smith) - 1) the track joy is based upon js bach's jesu, joy of man's desiring - (jimmy smith)

(bonus: bach to bacon) - 1) js bach's prelude & fugue in a minor, bwv 543 (heard on the program as performed by werner jacob) provided the basis for ennio morricone's music for the sicilian clan, featuring charlie chaplin's son sydney in a small role 2) syd chaplin also showed up in his dad's hideous 1967 shipwreck a countess from hong kong with marlon brando 3) marlon of course stole the show from everyone else in apocalypse now, including a very young laurence (then larry) fishburne 4) fishburne appeared in quicksilver alongside kevin bacon.

Friday, 3 July 2015

july 1 (canada day) playlist:

garth hudson - genetic method (anew) (a canadian celebration of the band)
marnie giesbrecht - ronald hannah: five preludes for organ (1979): i (northern arch/arc du nord)
florence mahon - percy whitlock: folk tune from five short pieces (souvenirs: scarboro united church organ)
the band - get up jake (the band)
gordon lightfoot - cobwebs & dust (if you could read my mind)
daniel romano - louise (sleep beneath the willow)
steppenwolf - hodge podge strained through a leslie (the second)
doug organ trio - free man in paris (doug organ trio)
jake langley - invitation (doug's garage)
oscar peterson and roy eldridge - between the devil and the deep blue sea (oscar peterson and roy eldridge)
count basie and oscar peterson - extended blues (count at the organ)
bruce haack - saint basil (the electronic record for children)
49th parallel - the people (49th parallel)
eminent canadian organist sandy mctire