Wednesday, 28 May 2014

may 28 playlist:

akiko tsuruga - mushi-mushi (sweet and funky)
dave "baby" cortez - the happy organ (the happy organ)
creedence clearwater revival - sailor's lament (pendulum)
t-bone walker - poontang (good feelin')
albert collins - backstroke (the cool sound of albert collins)
joseph payne - fugue in g (johann pachelbel: complete organ works)
marcon facchin - symphonia for organ (leopold mozart: der mensch, ein gottesmorder)
pierre charial - continuum (gyorgy ligeti: mechanical music)
the lonesome organist - let me be your man (collector of cactus echo bags)
? and the mysterians - can't get enough of you baby (best of)
sir douglas quintet - mendocino (mendocino)
charley pride - even after everything she's done (the sensational charley pride)
sturgill simpson - living the dream (metamodern sounds in country music)
the deep dark woods - the banks of the leopold canal (the place i left behind)
don patterson - under the boardwalk (hip cake walk)
pierre charial, a true organ grinder, with one of his amazing barrel organs.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

unfortunately there will be no new show today. i look forward to catching up with you next wednesday from 1-2 pm! in the meantime, here's a bunch of nonsense. cat organ nonsense, that is.

fortunately the chap in the video plays a humane instrument rather than the dastardly katzenklavier depicted above.

Friday, 16 May 2014

may 14 playlist (guest host vlad thee inhaler):

dj shadow - organ donor
adrian young - 1969 organ
grinderman - electric alice
the flaming stars - bring me the rest of alfredo garcia
tindersticks - the organ entertains
santa barbara machine head - rubber monkey
neil young - organ solo
goat - disco fever
maker - organ prelude dub
japanese treats - dare
vampyros lesbos - countdown to nowhere
ozel - improvised organ
pharcyde - passin me by
j dilla - organ chop
ralph jones - russ dreams
the top drawers - song of a sinner

neil at the organ. thanks for the great job, vlad!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

this is gonna be really, really sweet. join my friend vlad the inhaler as he fills in for the program following his show ruining radio on cjsr fm 88.5 today (wednesday afternoon) from 1-2. three hours of vlad!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

hi! i'd really love it if you'd take a moment and vote for your favourite show/host/etc for the 2014 cjsr volunteer awards. i sincerely hope it's me, though of course there are tons of wonderful programs on and of course, the "best dressed dj" is the most important category of them all. ok, maybe not, but as you can see, i'm really angling for that one... vote today at! much appreciated. - joe hartfeil

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

may 7 playlist:

dr. john - cold cold cold (in the right place)
john doe - the losing kind (forever hasn't happened yet)
bobby bare jr's young criminals' starvation league - north of alabama by mornin' (undefeated)
clutch - never be moved (robot hive/exodus)
jake ian - it don't really matter anymore (it don't really matter anymore)
markus markl - johann jakob froberger: capriccio in g (great organ of the former klosterkirche - rheinau/switzerland)
hugo lepnurm - mihkel ludig: fugue in c minor (eesti orelid "organs of estonia" volume 8)
christian schmitt - praludium & fuge in g minor woo 10: praludium (johannes brahms: organ works)
aaron robinson - waltz of the snowflakes from tchaikovsky's "the nutcracker" (at the "mighty immanuel" orchestral organ)
doug organ trio - never my love (doug organ trio)
rhoda scott - what kind of fool am i (take a ladder)
the rolling stones - i got the blues (sticky fingers)
jim byrnes - you'll miss me (when i'm gone) (st. louis times)

doug organ trio will be appearing at the yardbird suite this friday evening. also, don't miss next week's edition of the organ grinder featuring guest host vlad the inhaler while joe hartfeil aka jojo the organ grinder is out of town!