Thursday, 17 November 2016

november 9 playlist (with guest host/programmer caitlin richards):

facio rictus et sebastian gandera - un soir…i (un soir)
federale - resurrection (music from la rayar)
einsturzende neubauten - the willy-nicky telegrams (lament)
meredith monk - under street (key)
jun konagaya - magnolia (organ)
lene lovich - freeze (flex)
abdou el omari - afrah el maghreb (عبده العماري)
pere ubu - road to utah (carnival of souls)
these immortal souls - i ate the knife (get lost (don’t lie))
crime and the city solution - keepsake (the bride ship)
dark carnival - i died 1000 times (the last great ride)

november 16 playlist:

mose allison - wild man on the loose (hello there, universe)
bill doggett - ol' mose blues (wow!)
leon russell - hummingbird (leon russell)
leonard cohen - blessed is the memory (songs of leonard cohen (bonus))
jacques brel - la lumière jaillira (integrale la boite a bonbons)
piet kee - hindemith: organ sonata no. 2 (hindemith & reger: organ works)
reginald foort - handy: st. louis blues (percussion and pedal: pipe organ in the mosque, vol. 2)
smog - butterflies drowned in wine (supper)
dan penn - don't lose your good thing (the fame recordings)
al green - look what you done for me (i'm still in love with you)
vashti bunyan - rose hip november (just another diamond day)
the deep dark woods - picture on my wall (jubilee)
sun ra and the blues project aka sensational guitars of dan and dale - batman theme (batman and robin)

Saturday, 5 November 2016

what a fabulous fundrive we had, thanks to you! most importantly, the station eclipsed its $105000 goal with the help of megahertz, harvey and the best donors, listeners, volunteers and staff in the world. i'm also pleased to say that i had my personal best ever fundraising hour (nearly $1900) on november 2, and was thrilled to be a part of den's highly successful fundrive debut with this is pop (not to mention the fact that he was amazing as the disorganizer on my show) as well as the third annual dancin' for dollars with luke from rockenrolleum. those to whom i/we owe a debt of gratitude are practically innumerable, but that by no means should suggest that they are not appreciated.

i'm fortunate enough, besides hosting this show, to be employed by cjsr as production coordinator, giving me the opportunity (with the herculean help of dozens of volunteers specializing in music, audio editing, production, writing, acting and scores of other talents) to produce a rather complex and enjoyable little radio serial (as well as the usual special promos, jingles and station ids our department produced), the twelve chapters of which you can hear here. this has been one of the most creatively satisfying endeavours of my professional life, truly putting the "fun" in fundrive. this superb fundrive means that i'll still have a job to come back to when i return from my brief vacation.

i'm extraordinarily grateful to everyone who donated their time, talents and/or money to this drive, including those who supplied my show with incredible giveaway prizes, which went to a handful of the show's donors. thanks to painter/shirt designer (and musician!) warren krick, my show's wonderful sponsor edmontone studio, the world class winspear centre, the eternally friendly and welcoming ritchie community league and moviehouse extraordinaire metro cinema.

on top of being an empirically successful fundrive, this one held a special meaning for me. in this past year, i've lost an amazing mom and gained a wonderful fiancee (who saved my bacon on a number of occasions during this very drive.) since the last fundrive, the station has gained, lost and in some cases regained some truly beautiful souls.

long story short, emotions. don't forget, said fiancee (caitlin from imaginary landscapes) will be filling in on next week's show while i'm out of town. in case anyone still cares, here's the playlist for november 2:

gene vincent - the beginning of the end (another saturday night)
amy van keeken & timeloop - all the time (all the time)
spinal tap - gimme some money (this is spinal tap)
jimmy smith - the cat (the cat)
the crazy world of arthur brown - i've got money (the crazy world of arthur brown)
thee midniters - money (in thee midnite hour!!!!)
? and the mysterians - can't get enough of you baby (the best of ? and the mysterians)
ray charles - one mint julep (genius + soul = jazz)
moondog - barn dance (a new sound of an old instrument)
the meters - sehorn's farm (the meters)
brinsley schwarz - surrender to the rhythm (nervous on the road)
the lonesome organist - king of the rail model 1895 trainset (collector of cactus echo bags)
albert schweitzer - bwv 565: toccata in d minor (bach: organ works)
the kinks - and i will love you (the great lost album)
daniel romano - i had to hide your poem in a song (mosey)
eddie and the hot rods - do anything you wanna do (life on the line)