Sunday, 27 March 2016

march 23 playlist:

eddie baxter - where was i (ultra-lounge vol. 11 - organs in orbit)
clarence wheeler & the enforcers - sham time (doin' what we wanna)
bruut! - dex (mad pack)
the nice - sombrero sam (the swedish radio sessions)
florence mahon - frescobaldi: introduction and toccata- maestoso (souvenirs: scarboro united church organ)
ludwig lusser - fuga super jesus christus unser heyland - bwv 689 (bach: dritter theil der clavier ubung)
the james taylor quartet - jesus christ superstar (the oscillator)
shirley scott - caravan (queen of the organ)
swell maps - robot factory (jane from occupied europe)
booker t. & the mg's - aw' mercy (soul dressing)
albert collins - jawing (trash talkin')
slam stewart & major holley - misty (shut yo' mouth! featuring dick hyman and oliver jackson)
the meters - cissy strut (the meters)
jimmy mcgriff - moonglow (groove grease)
emerson forever.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

the late great sir george martin taught the beatles an incalculable volume of things from behind the board- the mixing board and the keyboard. with the one-time special "george martin: the key to the beatles," i highlighted his contributions as a keyboardist to their incomparable catalogue, also taking a brief detour to look at some of his earlier work as a musician and/or producer. here's the playlist from that march 16 program:

the beatles - being for the benefit of mr. kite (sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band)
flanders and swann - ill wind (at the drop of another hat)
ray cathode (george martin) - waltz in orbit (single)
ray cathode (george martin) - time beat (single)
the beatles - you really got a hold on me (with the beatles)
the beatles - baby it's you (please please me)
the beatles - kansas city (beatles for sale)
the beatles - rock and roll music (beatles for sale)
the beatles - got to get you into my life (revolver)
the beatles - a day in the life (sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band)
the beatles - rocky raccoon (the beatles)
the beatles - tomorrow never knows (revolver)
the beatles - fixing a hole (sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band)
the beatles - because (abbey road)
the beatles - cry baby cry (the beatles)
the beatles - in my life (rubber soul)

Sunday, 13 March 2016

march 9 playlist:

st. louis union - east side story (decca originals: the mod scene)
denny mclain - the girl from ipanema/meditation (ultra-lounge vol. 11: organs in orbit)
milt herth trio - raymond scott/w.a. mozart: in an 18th century drawing room (platinum series)
m.i. glinka - russian kamarinskaja (ucsb cylinder audio archive)
arthur crighton - samuel barber: adagio for strings (organ broadcast recital: st. joseph's basilica)
iain quinn - organ sonata in e major, op. 38 - iii. finale: allegro con brio (tender is the north)
tammy wynette - count your blessings instead of sheep (inspiration)
van der graaf generator - man-erg (pawn hearts)
grim - yonpakugan (amaterasu)
loudon wainwright iii - prince hal's dirge (t shirt)
levon & the hawks - the stones i throw (will free all men) (a musical history)
dr. lonnie smith - straight no chaser (evolution)
milt herth is one of a trio of masters (well, the other fellows in milt's actual trio are nothing to sneeze at either) responsible for the record here pictured. he began using the hammond organ before just about anyone else, while the tune was adapted by raymond scott from a mozart composition! incidentally, next week's show will be a somewhat belated tribute to sir george martin, while we'll give that devil keith emerson his due on the following show.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

march 2 playlist:

the doors - alabama song (the doors)
booker t. & the mg's - tic-tac-toe (soul dressing)
the kinks - alcohol (everybody's in showbiz)
john cale - save us (helen of troy)
the modern lovers - roadrunner (the modern lovers)
the velvet underground - pale blue eyes (the velvet underground)
jimmy smith - sagg shootin' his arrow (root down)
marie-claire alain - litanies (jehan alain: complete works for organ volume 1)
kevin ryan - green eggs and ham (dylan hears a who)
moondog - bug on a floating leaf (a new sound of an old instrument)
sir victor uwaifo & his melody maestroes - dododo (ekasaa no. 1) (nigeria 70: lagos jump- original afrobeat, highlife & afro-funk)
dennis rollins' velocity trio - the rose (symbiosis)
look, it's alabama song's composer kurt weill with a dog! a dog!