Monday, 17 December 2018

my brief radio hiatus ends just in time for the holidays! the organ grinder christmas special, wherein i help santa claus conduct an intensive interview of prospective north pole organist ross nicoll, airs on wednesday, december 19 at 1 pm and will pop up again at various times during cjsr's holiday loop the following week.

my wife caitlin richards also returns this week with her first new imaginary landscapes since fundrive (tuesday, december 18 at 8 pm.) that bell-themed holiday special will likewise be a part of the holiday loop.

so much Christmas spirit, you're sure to replace your regina pats toque with a crudely-drawn santa hat, much like me (pictured).

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

our little family has been on hiatus from the radio faced with a number of tasks, including putting our lives in boxes and taking them out of said boxes in a new home. both my show and imaginary landscapes, hosted by my wife caitlin richards, will finally be back on cjsr with new (christmas!) shows for the week of december 18/19.