Sunday, 6 March 2016

march 2 playlist:

the doors - alabama song (the doors)
booker t. & the mg's - tic-tac-toe (soul dressing)
the kinks - alcohol (everybody's in showbiz)
john cale - save us (helen of troy)
the modern lovers - roadrunner (the modern lovers)
the velvet underground - pale blue eyes (the velvet underground)
jimmy smith - sagg shootin' his arrow (root down)
marie-claire alain - litanies (jehan alain: complete works for organ volume 1)
kevin ryan - green eggs and ham (dylan hears a who)
moondog - bug on a floating leaf (a new sound of an old instrument)
sir victor uwaifo & his melody maestroes - dododo (ekasaa no. 1) (nigeria 70: lagos jump- original afrobeat, highlife & afro-funk)
dennis rollins' velocity trio - the rose (symbiosis)
look, it's alabama song's composer kurt weill with a dog! a dog!

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