Wednesday, 27 November 2013

november 27 playlist:

mink deville - she's so tough (cabretta)
dr. john - just the same (in the right place)
jesse winchester - quiet about it (jesse winchester)
the band - long distance operator (outtake) (music from big pink)
jamey johnson - can't cash my checks (the guitar song)
stackridge - the galloping gaucho (the man in the bowler hat)
henry mancini - charade (carousel) (charade)
tetragon - dragon song (stretch)
quintron - you don't own me (unmasked organ light-year of infinity man (fuck everybody else))
king khan & the shrines - bite my tongue (idle no more)
fay hallam & the bongolian - dancing (lost in sound)
the graham bond organization - neighbour neighbour (sound of 65)
melvin rhyne - shoo, shoo baby (organ-izing)

 the awesome fredovitch in the one-man band context- plays organ with king khan these days

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