Sunday, 10 April 2016

april 6 playlist:

merle haggard - huntsville (someday we'll look back)
bill doggett - fatso (wow!)
marie-claire alain - passacaglia and fugue in c minor bwv 582 (bach: toccata & fugue; passacaglia; etc.)
avraham bord - mitzvah tants: mis-sod hakamim, ya'amod (jesting), bore olam be-qinyan (hassidic tunes of dancing and rejoicing)
shye ben tzur, jonny greenwood & the rajasthan express - chala vahi des (junun)
george harrison - greasy legs (wonderwall music)
jack macgowran & samuel beckett - from embers (macgowran speaking beckett)
moondog - elf dance (a new sound of an old instrument)
llewellyn williams - mussorgsky: night on bald mountain (at the pasadena civic auditorium organ)
william maddox - rimsky-korsakov: flight of the bumblebee (the wings of the wind)
dr. lonnie smith - afrodesia (evolution)
no organ or organist in this picture; one of the greatest jewels in America's musical crown petting a hip dog will have to do. i was already planning to open the show with merle haggard in joyous recognition of the man's 79th birthday. then, in a manner befitting the shakespeare of country music, he died the same day. caitlin from cjsr's imaginary landscapes pointed out that I could still play the hag out of joy rather than sadness.

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