Monday, 5 March 2018

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february 28 playlist (dedicated to doug organ and edmontone studio):

ten years after - as the sun still burns away (ten years after)
deep purple - fault line (deep purple)
doug organ trio - the price is right (doug organ trio)
joe corney - moon over beatland (the joe corney multi-organ sound)
steppenwolf - tighten up your wig (the second)
aphrodite's child - altamont (666)
garth hudson - genetic method (anew) (a canadian celebration of the band)
rhoda scott - come bach to me (come bach to me)
herbie hancock - bring down the birds (blow up soundtrack)
jack mcduff and joey defrancesco - yesterdays (it's about time)
the budos band - t.i.b.w.f. (the budos band)
larry goldings - ev'ry time we say goodbye (the intimacy of the blues)
led zeppelin - led zeppelin (ii)
booker t. & the mg's - l.a. jazz song (melting pot)
doug plays the non-organ
please note, there will be no new show on march 7. instead, from 1-2 pm on cjsr, we'll hear a re-braodcast of the homelessness marathon segment i worked on. the grinding will resume next week, although said grinding will no longer be presented by edmontone as doug enters his next chapter.

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